Affiliate Marketing

Performance-based marketing in which rewards are given to one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's.

High result driven campaigns

Affiliate marketing is to market the business online, drive more visitors or traffic to your website an advertise on thousands of web sites for free of charge and reciprocally buy the sure shot sales of your services or products.

We assist you with a team of affiliates, as we carefully pick them after research and appearance out for parameters like reach, a network of publishers, ad networks, and affiliates. we offer a comprehensive management service that covers everything right from developing to optimizing an affiliate program from start to finish. We not only provide you expertise but also identify the high potential opportunities then execute the campaigns to maximize performance.

Types of Affiliate Marketing:

PPC (Pay per Click)

Marketer only pays for the ad when a user clicks on the link.

PPL (Pay-per-lead)

Marketer pays for leads they bring and for succesful closure of leads.

PPS (Pay-per-sale)

Marketer pays for succesful sale of the product.

PPA (Pay-per-action)

Marketer pays when the user completes an action either by call/post.


Affiliates run the gamut from small blogs that receive a few thousand visitors each month to large portals and websites like Money supermarket that receive millions of visitors each month that lead to high sales volumes for businesses.

  • Reach Different Audiences
  • Responsiveness to Market Changes
  • Target Generic Phrases
  • Generate Awareness
  • Increase Reach in Search Engines
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